About Us

About Us

Investing in your future...

We’re a team of successful entrepreneurs and were pivotal in the scaling of some of the UK’s most high profile growth businesses of recent years, including prettylittlething.com, Betfair and Zoopla.

The fund’s founders decided to bring together their wealth of experience to help support and guide growing businesses as well as personalising the investor-investee relationship. We maintain good cultural fit with all of the founders we have partnered with, and regard our investment as smart capital.

We endeavour to keep good relationships with our investees and try to share our experience, expertise and network with our portfolio companies. We help steepen the growth trajectory of our businesses with the ultimate aim of sharing in their successful exit, whatever that may turn out to look like.

We invest between £50k and £300k into pre-Series A businesses and try to find leverage between the companies in which we invest and the other brands we’re connected to as well as the verticals we have experience in.

The Foundations of KM Capital

01. Identify

The founders decided to bring together their wealth of investment, advisory and entrepreneurial experience to help support and guide growing businesses. We wanted to personalise the investor:investee relationship and regard our funds as smart money where we also look at leveraging investments around the existing brands that form part of the extended group.

02. Invest

Our goal is to support and invest in as many entrepreneurs as we can by helping drive growth and scale, but also to ensure that these plans are realistic, supported by the right partners and address associated risks.

03. Growth

We aim to work side by side with the companies we invest in, to help grow every aspect of their potential and existing foundations.

04. Success

With hard work and commitment, along with the relevant market direction, we believe success can be achieved. We endeavour to succeed in partnership with our investees, combining their ambition and determination with our knowledge and experience.

We back ambitious teams...

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