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KM Capital is a new fund, investing in young, dynamic companies, mainly focusing on tech start ups. We are headed by Adam Kamani, co founder of one of the fastest growing online fashion brands prettylittlething.com.

The executive team also includes Mahesh Patel, the Chief Financial Officer of The Kamani Group and Stephen Morana, former NED of Boohoo.com and previously CFO of Betfair and Zoopla.

We back exceptional teams with the ambition to grow big businesses – our focus is on identifying entrepreneurs that can scale explosively to create, transform or dominate an industry.

A KM Capital portfolio company is likely to have the potential to disrupt in major markets, with founders who are passionate about transforming that market. We love fearless entrepreneurs, who see building a business as their destiny. We love teams who see opportunity where others just see obstacles. We love companies that challenge convention and break the rules …literally! Above all, we love building lifelong relationships with the entrepreneurs we support, which are based on trust, respect and a shared vision. Excited to be part of our portfolio? Please do get in touch via our contact form.

Our Philosophy

The Foundations of KM Capital



The founders decided to bring together their wealth of investment, advisory and entrepreneurial experience to help support and guide growing businesses. We wanted to personalise the investor:investee relationship and regard our funds as smart money where we also look at leveraging investments around the existing brands that form part of the extended group.



Our goal is to support and invest in as many entrepreneurs as we can by helping drive growth and scale, but also to ensure that these plans are realistic, supported by the right partners and address associated risks.



We aim to work side by side with the companies we invest in, to help grow every aspect of their potential and existing foundations.



With hard work and commitment, along with the relevant market direction, we believe success can be achieved. We endeavour to succeed in partnership with our investees, combining their ambition and determination with our knowledge and experience.

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