Mahesh Patel

Mahesh qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1992, but had ambitions to work in industry and very quickly moved into a role better suited to his longer term career goals.

His 25 years plus business experience is quite diverse and includes; financial control/planning, banking, operations, supply chain, logistics, sourcing, business scalability, risk management, intellectual property, commercial law, global group structures, corporate and personal tax planning, wealth management and success planning/future proofing.

He has a proven track record of supporting businesses grow exponentially in the wholesale, retail, online and lending sectors.

He has spent extensive time working in Amsterdam, New York, Dhaka, Hong Kong and Macau.

In March 2017, Mahesh became the Chief Financial Officer of The Kamani Family Office, his current role involves managing the world wide private and business assets of the Kamani Family and conducting extensive commercial, legal and financial due diligence on proposed investments around global property, businesses and private wealth investments.

The Kamani Family are known for taking their “market stall” business in the 1970’s to becoming the leading fast fashion online retailer “”, which is listed on the Alternative Investment Market within the London Stock Exchange.

Mahesh plays an important role in KM Capital. The investment fund brings together a wealth of investment, advisory and entrepreneurial experience, where equity stakes are made in start-up companies to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, helping them drive growth, scale, sustainability and globalisation.


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