Together we can achieve more

Adam Kamani

Managing Partner

The CEO of Kamani Property Group and KM Capital. Adam began his entrepreneurial career in 2012…


Stephen Morana


I have seen first hand, and have learnt a lot through many mistakes I have made personally, the challenges and difficulties in scaling businesses…


Mahesh Patel


Mahesh qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1992, but had ambitions to work in industry and very quickly moved into a role better suited to his longer term career goals.


James Merryweather

Investment Manager

James is an ICAEW qualified accountant with a strong track record in SME and start-up finance as well as cross-sector experience in debt and equity raises, M&A, financial modelling and business planning.


Jo Nuttall

Marketing Manager

Jo is responsible for all things promotional and visual within the KM Capital team. She is in charge of promoting the business on a variety of platforms within social media…


Rohan Patel


Rohan joined the KM Capital team in September 2020 after finishing his A-Levels in Business Studies, Mathematics and Physics.


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